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Innovative Technology Combined with Practical Design

Enhance your practice's digital workflow in terms of increased accuracy, flexibility, efficiency, speed and productivity. The smooth handling of the modernPro provides unparalleled performance in terms of high-quality intraoral images without discomforting your patients. In addition to being the world's smallest video-based 3D intraoral scanner, the state-of-the-art modernPro is 50% faster and 30% more accurate than a conventional scanner. Make it a part of your digital workflow and enjoy the difference.

Product Features

Size Comparison

Pictures speak louder than words - the compact design of the modernPro is second to none. Coupled with a unique aerospace alloy, the scanner is almost as light as a feather.

Dimensions: 216x40x36 mm
Weight: 246 g


Intelligent Software - AI-assisted Scanning Process

The scanning process is supported by our AI-based software, which automatically removes disruptive factors such as tissue of the cheeks, tongue and gloves. This prevents invalid data from interfering with the scanning process. At the same time, this enables one-handed use of the scanner and improves user comfort. The software also guides you through the scanning process, pointing out inaccurately scanned areas with potential for errors or gaps so that you can rescan them during the same scanning session. The software is thus able to detect these spots at an early stage and have them closed in the form of a loopback.


Scanning Technology - Structured Light

There are several different approaches to scanning technology on the market. With the modernPro scanner, the so-called "structured light" is used as the scanning technology. In this process, coded light is projected in different patterns onto the object to be scanned in the form of stripes. The light pattern is altered by the structure of the object's surface, and a camera records this information. A three-dimensional image is calculated from the resulting shots. The result is extensive and extremely precise scan data along with a very smooth scanning process. The unique use of multispectral light in combination with an independently developed processor further increases the accuracy of the scan data in the modernPro.

Interchangeable Scanner Heads - Optical Window & Multifocal Lens

The modernPro has interchangeable heads, which can of course be autoclaved. To further facilitate the scanning process, 3 different heads with different multi-angle lenses are included in the delivery. The use of a multi-angle lens greatly simplifies scanning in hard-to-reach areas. Another advantage is the size of the optical window. The compact design and low height of the scan head allow comfortable insertion into the mouth. The width of the scan head is not a hindrance, which is why the optical window of the modernPro has been widened to 17mm. This allows 1.5 to 2 teeth to be scanned simultaneously, unlike conventional scanners which can only scan 1 tooth at a time. This further increases the speed of the scanning process.

Technical Data

Scanner dimensions: 216x40x36 mm; Scanner weight: 246 g; Optical window size: 17x15 mm; 3 different heads with different multi-angle lenses to facilitate scanning in hard-to-reach areas, autoclavable; Head size: 83.4x19.6x14.6 mm; Scan time for both arches: approx. 5min; Scanning technology: structured light in combination with AI-based software; Precision of scan: 15 um; Shots per second: 15; Output formats: STL, PLY; USB 3.0 connection


Voltage: AC 100-240 V; Current: 1.5 A; Nominal frequency: 50-60 Hz

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Custom Setup / Training on Site at Your Location

    Within Germany, we will deliver your scanner to your practice free of charge and set it up for you. In addition, we train you in a 30-minute "Quick Start Guide" on how to use the scanner. For customers outside of Germany, we can provide a webinar for this purpose.

    Note: A compatible laptop/computer is necessary for the setup.
    Scanner einzeln

    Intraoral-Scanner "modernPro"

    Scanner incl. accessories in practical carrying case

    Purchase: 11.900€

    Scanner mit Trolley 4

    Intraoral-Scanner "modernPro" + Compatible PC & Appliance Cart

    Scanner incl. accessories in practical carrying case + compatible PC & appliance cart

    Purchase: 14.400€

    Scanner mit Trolley Laptop 4

    Intraoral-Scanner "modernPro" + Compatible Laptop & Appliance Cart

    Scanner incl. accessories in practical carrying case + compatible Laptop & appliance cart

    Purchase: 17.400€

    Scanner incl. Accessories

    1x scanner, 1x calibrator, 3x heads, 1x power supply cable, 1x power supply unit, 1x dongle, 1x manual, 1x carrying case


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